Agent 008 - My Intelligent Dogs
Agent 008 - My Intelligent Dogs
Agent 008 - My Intelligent Dogs

Agent 008 - My Intelligent Dogs

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"Agent 008 - A Dog With A License to Play"

Agent 008 is an innovative skill game for dogs. The game consists of a wooden frame/game board, tokens (3x hats & 2x barrels), and 3 sliders.  The game board has the numbers zero, zero, eight (008) cut out as guides for the tokens. The game pieces can only be placed in and removed through two openings (on the left side of the first zero and on the right side - on the eight. Between the numbers are three moving sliders that close or open the guides between the numbers.

Although Agent 008 is classified as very difficult; a beginner can still enjoy the game by positioning the sliders accordingly.  The puzzle is easier to solve if the sliders are moved onto the guides in the numbers.

Start off with a single token, hide a treat underneath, place the token on the gameboard and watch your dog push or slide the hat into place where it can be removed to reveal the reward.  Add tokens as your dog progresses. 

Agent 008 is a recommended mental stimulation game for dogs.  As they are very intelligent animals, they require a species-appropriate balance to physical activity (walking, running, agility); otherwise their mental faculties will not be sufficient. This can lead to a dog's unwanted behavior such as aggression, separation anxiety, boredom, frustration, destruction, restlessness or impatience.

The game trains a dog's concentration, skill, and promotes its natural instincts of curiosity, play, and sense of smell.

Interactive puzzle games are proven to strengthen the bond between you and your dog and increase a dog's self-confidence.

Agent 008 was developed and patented by My Intelligent Dogs.

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