Dog' Sudoku Medium Expert Genie
Dog' Sudoku Medium Expert Genie
Dog' Sudoku Medium Expert Genie
Dog' Sudoku Medium Expert Genie

Dog' Sudoku Medium Expert Genie

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The aim of Dog' SUDOKU® is to find a hidden reward by moving pieces of the game board.

Sixteen possible hiding places and 15 sliding pieces give a number of possibilities to find the hidden reward.

With Dog' SUDOKU® you  promote your dog's natural instincts and his sense of smell. Motivate your dog to get his reward by using his brain. It makes searching and finding a real fun.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Place treats in slots under the pieces of the game board.

Step 2: Encourage your dog to move the pieces and find his reward.

Step 3:  Praise your dog each time he moves a piece and discovers a hidden treat.


Play with your dog and encourage him to solve the task. Stay calm, be patient and continue to explain the game to your dog until he understands it.

Do not let your dog play unsupervised and intervene when he starts to chew the game.

Let your dog play with the game no longer than 10 minutes, otherwise he might lose interest in the game. 
Distract him with something else and put the game away for a little while.

If you have repeatedly noticed that your dog can easily solve the game, increase its difficulty. For example: do not put treats in each slot - your dog will be challenged even more.

A few days break from Dog' SUDOKU® and playing with other games will let your dog enjoy the SUDOKU game like a new challenge each time you give it to him.

Suitable treats:  Use only dry treats with Dog' SUDOKU®  and wipe clean with slightly damp cloth and allow it to dry after each use. 

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