Holt Games is a family business with a passion for the bond between the human and their 4-legged friend. We think it is important that every pet receives attention and a challenge. We noticed that physical activity is not always sufficient. This increases boredom, with all its consequences. We started Holt Games to develop pet activity games, which do provide enough challenge.

Pet activity games have been around for a long time, but the quality of most products has deteriorated. The games are also often made of a plastic or a shape thereof. We believe that products for animals should be a natural product as much as possible. Because of this we have chosen natural materials of excellent quality.

Every animal has an instinct, including your pet. By stimulating this instinct, you prevent boredom and you create a stronger bond with your pet. In the game the boss hides candies, which stimulates your pet's instinct. Your pet will look for these sweets, and gradually solve the puzzle. Because the games are always played together with you, your pet gets enough attention. This only increases the pleasure. Are you ready for the challenge?


Innovative and creative - Holt Games was founded by young people with a fresh perspective. We are bursting with ideas to offer you and your pet challenges. By observing the natural movements and instincts of animals, we discover new ways to challenge your pet. The solutions of the games therefore match the thinking behavior of your pet.

Quality - We at Holt Games believe that products for animals should be made from natural materials as much as possible. Plastic may have a nice color, but it is not a pleasant material to play with for your pet. We choose natural, high-quality materials, so that the games last a long time. The games are edited by hand to monitor this quality.

Band strengthening - Our mission is to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. With the pet activity games from Holt Games we offer you a great experience; because tell yourself, which pet says 'no' to attention and sweets? Thanks to the different playing methods, the quality of the games and the sleek design, we provide you and your pet with a top experience.


In order to give you the best gaming experience, we pay close attention to the materials we use.
We ensure that there are no loose parts in the game that can be accidentally swallowed.
MDF is a natural material, which is processed by hand.

Made in The Netherlands