Woof Pack Online - About Us

Woof Pack Online is a family owned business based in Sydney, Australia.
Founders Kelly and Mark have always been dog lovers. Their pack today consists of a German Spitz, an Alaskan Malamute, a Spitz x and a Pug! All 4 have different personalities and temperaments. One major thing they all have in common though, is how much they're loved and cared for. I'd say, they are some of the luckiest dogs in the world!

Our Woof Pack business concept was born from the constant trips to the pet shops to top up on treats and toys because lets face it, they usually do not last very long. There are a lot of dog parents out there who must go through the same experience. Don't we all just rather spend our spare time relaxing, bonding with our doggies instead of running to the shops to refill the doggy pantry and toys box?  Our Woof Packs provide you the convenience of having a subscription box that consists of a combination of treats and toys delivered to your door every month.

In the last year, we also have launched our online retail shop extending our range to include Enrichment Toys.  Dogs are intelligent beings and need mental stimulation as well as their daily physical exercise. It is also satisfying watching how they improve and become confident in solving puzzles. Check out our range!