Collection: SodaPup

SodaPup has a wide range of chew toys that are designed for aggressive chewers. Their tough, durable rubber and nylon dog toys are designed with power chewers in mind. SodaPup toys come with a 30 day replacement guarantee so if your dog is able to get the best of a toy, a replacement can be arranged at no extra fee.

Normal wear and tear or damage incurred by your pet’s play is to be expected, and therefore not covered under SodaPup's guarantee.

SodaPup treat dispensers are excellent dog enrichment toys.  Fill these treat dispensers with kibble or with more advanced recipes like peanut butter, cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables, chicken broth and more!  Treat puzzles for dogs will stimulate your dog and keep him mentally engaged.  These treat dispensing dog toys will also help slow down dogs that eat too quickly.  Treat dispensers are excellent tools to deal with separation anxiety and can also be used for crate training.


Supervised play is always recommended on all SodaPup's toys.