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SodaPup Honeycomb Enrichment Bowl

SodaPup Honeycomb Enrichment Bowl

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Introducing the innovative Honeycomb eBowl, a breakthrough in slow feeder bowls designed to effectively slow down your dog's eating pace. Unlike traditional models, the Honeycomb eBowl features a complex, segmented design that challenges your pet more than standard feeders, promoting healthier and slower eating habits. This enrichment tool is ideal for all dog sizes, including puppies, and is perfect for serving both wet and dry foods, as well as raw meals (with veterinary consultation). Its varied compartment depths cater to different food types and mimic natural foraging behaviours, enhancing digestion and overall gut health.

The Honeycomb eBowl not only aids in preventing bloat and improving digestion but also offers psychological benefits by engaging your dog's natural instincts, thereby calming them, reducing boredom, and minimising anxiety-related behaviours. It's crucial to note that the Honeycomb eBowl is not a chew toy, so supervision is advised during use to ensure safety. If the bowl shows any signs of damage, it should be removed immediately to prevent harm to your pet.

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