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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cake is a game demanding a high level of skill. The puzzle trains your dog’s concentration and dexterity, and boosts its natural instincts of curiosity, drive to play and sense of smell. Thanks to its many variable designs this game can be played by beginners as well as more advanced players.

The game consists of a round pedestal containing four drawers and a movable second platform with four holes for the “candles” (cylinders). In the centre is a small disk showing the number of birthday years, under which a treat can be hidden. Your dog can only reach this treat by first removing the “candles” and then pushing out the disk.

The drawers in the pedestal base are blocked by the long “candles” (cylinders). Your dog must first remove these in order to pull out the drawers and reach the treats hidden there. There are four more “candles” (cylinders) on the disk under which treats can also be hidden. The surface at the centre’s second layer can be turned once the four blocking “candles” (cylinders) have been removed, allowing the dog to find additional treats in the openings hidden beneath the disk.

The game offers up to 21 treat hiding places/obstacles for your dog to find. 

Includes age stickers from 1-18.

Disclaimer: Play under supervision


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