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Croc Footsies - Dehydrated Crocodile Feet 100g

Croc Footsies - Dehydrated Crocodile Feet 100g

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Our dehydrated crocodile feet dog treats are not only nutritious but are also ethically sourced. These treats are a by-product of crocodile processors for human consumption, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. They offer a high protein content crucial for muscle maintenance and overall health, are low in fat, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids which aid in reducing inflammation and promoting a shiny coat. As a novel protein source, they're ideal for dogs with common protein allergies, providing essential minerals like zinc and iron for immune and oxygen transport support, respectively. Chewing on these treats can also benefit dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Importantly, being a hypoallergenic option, they are suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities. By choosing our crocodile feet treats, you're opting for a nutritious, responsibly sourced product that contributes to a sustainable ecosystem.

Croc feet come in different weights and sizes, and the quantity in our packaging varies.


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