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Gummy Chews - Dehydrated Shark Skin & Cartilage Dental Chews

Gummy Chews - Dehydrated Shark Skin & Cartilage Dental Chews

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Gummy Chews are natural, healthy and delicious dental dog treats that your pup will love. Made from Australian shark cartilage wrapped with sustainably caught Gummy Shark skin this treat is rich in calcium for bone health and contains no additives or preservatives. They're the perfect combination of health and flavour.

This amazing treat not only provides your pup with a delicious and healthy snack; they also work hard to keep their teeth clean! The unique shape and texture help remove tartar buildup, making them an incredibly popular choice for all kinds of dogs.

Our shark products are North Queensland Black Tip and Gummy Sharks; both are highly common sharks in Australia.  They are sustainably caught for human consumption often referred to as fish flakes.  Parts of the shark that are left over from human consumption are then manufactured into dog treats so nothing goes to waste.  

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