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K9 Connectables Dental Health Pack

K9 Connectables Dental Health Pack

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The Ultimate Dental Health Bundle for dogs: a perfect mix of enjoyment, and dental care. This carefully curated set features fun interactive toys for better oral health. With over a million combinations, your dog will always have fresh enrichment activities.

Toys are made from different materials from soft to hard that all connect in different ways to give your dog the ultimate variety every day!

This set includes: 

2x Dentist, 2x Toothie, 1x Stuffer, 2x Super Sticker, 1x Brain Teaser

*Disclaimer: Always supervise your dog during play. K9 Connectables dog toys were designed with mental stimulation in mind; to encourage dogs to use their cognitive abilities.  NOT A CHEW TOY! K9 Connectables were built to withstand a dog's bite force to allow them to gnaw or chew on the toys to pull them apart.  


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