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K9 Connectables TEASER PACK

K9 Connectables TEASER PACK

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A total of 10 toys with so many possibilities to entertain your dog.  Connect in separate sets or allow your creative self to build one challenging puzzle and watch your dog get busy.  

This set includes:

2x Original, 2x Dentist, 2x Super Sticker, 1x Stuffer, 1x Tech Bone, 1x Yes Bone, and the Brain Teaser that will surely make your dog's playtime more interesting and engaging.

*Disclaimer: Always supervise your dog during play. K9 Connectables dog toys were designed with mental stimulation in mind; to encourage dogs to use their cognitive abilities.  NOT A CHEW TOY! K9 Connectables were built to withstand a dog's bite force to allow them to gnaw or chew on the toys to pull them apart.  


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