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Pawzler Modular Dog Puzzles

Pawzler Modular Dog Puzzles

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Exercise your dog's mind!

Pawzlers unique modular approach allows you to continuously reinvent the toy.  Rearrange the pawzles, merge bases, add more pawzles to keep the fun and challenge going.   

Give your dog a mental workout: Provide cognitive stimulation for your pup with Pawzles! Every puzzle is designed to exercise your dog's mind by allowing them to use natural skills to track down treats. Ten minutes of mental stimulus can offer the same benefits as a 20-minute physical activity.   

Reduce anxiety and destructive behaviour:  Pawzles will keep your dog engaged and stimulated as they use their senses to find their reward. Using Pawzles can help reduce unwanted and anxious behaviour and bolster confidence, providing invaluable support during thunderstorms and fireworks.

Keep your dog entertained: Pawzles will keep your dog busy as they focus their energy on the task, working their way to get to their reward.  Pawzles are perfect on rainy days, for senior dogs and dogs with injuries to help channel their energy.

Build a stronger bond:  Playing with interactive toys is another way to connect and build a stronger bond between you and your furry friend.  Play, exploring together and helping them to learn and progress provide the opportunity to develop and improve their problem-solving skills.  

Use Pawzler as a feeder: Meals in Pawzles will slow down speedy eaters and help prevent digestive problems from eating too fast. Pawzler will encourage "fussy eaters" to hunt and work for their food.


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