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Pet Dreamhouse SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder UFO Maze

Pet Dreamhouse SPIN Interactive Slow Feeder UFO Maze

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SPIN is an innovative award-winning concept that includes a round base bowl and various interchangeable spinners.

Introducing the SPIN UFO Maze – an innovative, award-winning interactive food dispenser that’ll have your pup entertained during meal times! With its round base and spinners, you can reward your pup by gradually releasing food via gravity from the adjustable openings. Plus, the fun feeding game will exercise your pup's mind and unleash their inner genius!


  • Multi-functional dynamic feeding system
  • FDA compliant Food Grade material, BPA-Free
  • Reduction of cost per function and overall plastic usage
  • Dishwasher friendly

Dimensions: Approx. 25cm diameter x 6 cm (with cap 13 cm)

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