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Potato Chips Nose Work Snuffle Toy

Potato Chips Nose Work Snuffle Toy

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Encourage your dog's natural foraging skills with this super cute Ramen Cup Noodle-inspired snuffle toy. This Ramen Cup will challenge and activate your dog's keen sense of smell as they search for treats hidden among the folds of plush noodles and for those tucked inside the garnish treat pockets. The Ramen Cup won't just keep your dog entertained; it will also actively stimulate their cognitive skills to ensure they remain mentally sharp.

Made with premium pet-safe fabrics, it's soft to the touch but remarkably durable, ensuring a product that is both safe and resilient enough to withstand the rigors of playtime.

*Disclaimer: Supervised play is recommended, as no toy is indestructible. Regularly inspect your dog's toys for damage and remove them to avoid choking hazards. 

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