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Roo Kidney - Dehydrated Dog Treat 100g

Roo Kidney - Dehydrated Dog Treat 100g

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Kangaroo Kidney dog treats offer several health advantages for dogs. Zinc, a crucial trace mineral, is vital for maintaining your pet's health and is found abundantly in kidney meat, more so than in muscle meat. Additionally, zinc derived from animal sources, like kangaroo kidney, is absorbed more effectively by your dog's body compared to zinc obtained from plant-based foods. Kidneys are enriched with vitamin B3 (niacin), these treats aid in detoxifying harmful substances and enhancing circulation, contributing to your dog's health and vitality.  Furthermore, kangaroo is a very lean meat, high in protein and contains a very low amount of fat, making it an excellent dietary choice for your dog. This treat is easily broken up into pieces making them a perfect toy filler for your dog's enrichment sessions.  

Also suitable for cats.

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