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Travel Dog

Travel Dog

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Travel Dog: A 2 in 1 New Interactive Puzzle Game Collaborated between My Intelligent Dogs and Woof At Work!

Travel Dog is a dexterity game for dogs.  The game comes in the shape of a suitcase and contains two games: Dog'Sudoku Expert Rainbow (which can be taken out of the case) and Game 18 (which describes the grooves in which pieces as well as the treats hidden underneath can be placed). Game 18 also features 2 drawers that are blocked by 2 cylinders so that they cannot fall out when the game is picked up and carried. 

Travel Dog's level of difficulty ranges from 1 to 4; can be varied by using more or fewer pieces.  As the game consists of 2 parts, 2 dogs can play Travel Dog at the same time. 


  • trains a dog's concentration and dexterity
  • encourages natural instincts of curiosity, sense of smell, and drive to play
  • customizable game that can be played by beginners as well as more advanced players

How to play:

  1. Hide the treats in the desired numbers of places (under the Dog' Sudoku sliders, the hats, the cylinders and in the drawers)
  2. Encourage your dog to start searching (ie. showing where the treats are waiting)
  3. In Game 18, the dog reaches the rewards hidden beneath the pieces by first removing the cylinders and pushing aside and lifting the hats.  If the drawers are blocked by the cylinders, the dog first needs to remove these before the drawers can be pulled. 

Tip: You are advised to apply only a few pieces when first setting up the game to avoid your dog getting frustrated.  Allow your dog to watch where you hide the treats in the game to stimulate curiosity.  This game requires your engagement with your dog; showing how the game works to encourage motivation. 

DISCLAIMER:  please do not leave your dog playing unattended.  Put all pieces and game away when it is not being used.


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