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Two Towers

Two Towers

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TWO TOWERS is a high-standard skill game from  My  Intelligent Dogs® . Up to 32 tasks that your dog has to solve / challenge him with a good deal of skill. But of course you can customize the challenges with fewer "obstacles" and gradually increase the level of difficulty. The game comes with 16 pieces (8 reels and 8 hats).

On a pedestal stand two towers, which are connected by a bridge. In the towers are  rollershatsshop and in the base a  trap door is  attached. TWO TÜRME (Two Towers) thus offers many hiding places for all sorts of goodies.

By removing the rollers, the hats can be moved, and by pulling on the store and lifting the trapdoor, the previously hidden little munchies can be found and rewarded.

Skill and patience are needed to get the rewards. Your dog trains his fine motor skills and the ability to coordinate different movements.

  • Height 15.5 cm
  • Width 42.5 cm
  • Depth 20 cm
  • Weight 4 kg
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