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Ultimate Pack - K9 Connectables Bundle (FREE KIBBLE CONNECTOR for a Limited Time)

Ultimate Pack - K9 Connectables Bundle (FREE KIBBLE CONNECTOR for a Limited Time)

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13 toys and limitless ways to combine, this ultimate enrichment pack will guarantee your dog the challenge, fun, and hours of entertainment.  

The Ultimate K9 Connectables Bundle has everything to keep your dog engaged.

This bundle includes:

Kibble Connector - dry food and treat dispenser, and the heart of the Connectables system

The Original - The first K9 Connectable toy; holds treats, fits in a ball thrower, can float

The Dentist - use spreadable treats on the outside, holds treats inside and through; its grooves are designed to rub between dogs' teeth to clean and promote oral hygiene.  

Tech Bone - holds treats, your safer alternative to a wooden stick when playing fetch

Super Sticker - suction cups that attach to smooth surfaces, special patterned design for smearing treats and a good licking time

Yes Bone - suitable for teething pups and avid chewers, connect to other toys and offers up to 6 challenge levels

Tuff Toothie - a treat toy that encourages your dog to chew and clean teeth.  

Tuff Stuffer - holds and hides treats, connect the other toys for more engagement and extended play

Brain Teaser - a tri-star-shaped tuff toy that has grooves for spreadable treats, 6x bone-shaped cavities to hide treats in and the 3 connector points to click the other toys to increase the challenge

Ultimate Bundle is available in small, medium, and large

Remember, enrichment should be fun and entertaining for your dog.  If your dog shows frustration, introduce the challenges gradually.  Canine enrichment benefits our dogs and creates a special bond between you and your dog through interactive play.

Supervised play is recommended.  


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